Love In Relationships

Creating Conscious Loving


All Relationships are Meant to Awaken you to Who you Really Are!

For individuals or couples who are ready to create connected, meaningful relationships.

Have you ever wondered why it seems that our closest relationships are also where we experience the most difficulty?  What if all problems that arise in relationships are opportunities for us to expand ourselves, our awareness and our capacity to live as our true self?

This applies to all relationships whether with a significant other, parents, children, co-workers or the one you have with yourself.

We all know that there is a positive impact that nurturing relationships have on our overall health and wellbeing.  As we become more real and authentic and honor our true self, which is the source of all our love and happiness, and we let go of our conditioned self, which is the source of our fear and suffering, we live more joyous and fulfilled lives.

To help support you on this journey, I invite you to join us for:

Creating Conscious Loving Relationships

Each week’s teaching will be based on a theme using meditations from different sources including Paul Lowe and the Deepak & Oprah relationship series for the week’s teaching.  Then you will go and practice what you have learned, returning the following week for any sharing or feedback to support you to expand your understanding of creating loving, connected relationships.

Join us for a journey back to your True Self

♥ Become more real and honour your true self – the source of love and happiness

♥ Recognize the opportunities for growth that your close relationships provide

♥  Learn to let go of your conditioned self – the source of fear and suffering

♥ Discover the deeper meaning and purpose of your relationships.

♥ Dramatically improve your communication.

Experience more honest, meaningful and heartfelt relationships.  Come and embrace your True Self in a supportive, loving environment.  Feel the benefits to your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Well-being.

Give yourself permission to open your mind, and your heart, to all possibilities. Come and embrace your true self in a supportive, loving environment.

It is my honor to be your personal guide on this transformational journey about creating a life filled with the kind of relationships you have always dreamed of.


Time:  7:30-10:00 PM

Where:  West Springs, Calgary

Investment in your True Self: $697 plus GST

Save $100 ($50 each)  when you register with a partner

For more information and to register:

Call Selena at 403-870-0496


It really is Time to WAKE UP to yourself!