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The Passion Test

Now, more than ever it seems vital to know what’s important to you in your life and what you’re passionate about. Getting CLEAR on your passions can be the challenge.

The Passion Test will help you do just that!

The Passion Test is a process that will help you to identify your top passions. Once you’ve identified your top passions you will have a series of tools to help you in living your passionate life.

passion_test_certWe have 3 different ways for you to experience The Passion Test.

1.) 1-on-1 via in person, telephone, or Skype
2.) A 5 ½ Hour Workshop
3.) You organize your own private group workshop (3-5 ½ Hours).

1.) 1-on-1 via in person, telephone, or Skype = $350 + GST

Includes workbook

The 1-on-1 is two sessions, a week apart lasting approximately 1-1 ½ hours. You will be required to complete homework assignments between the 2 sessions.

After completing the Passion Test 1-on-1 you will have:

  • Your top 5 passions – Knowing your top 5 passions is the first step to living a successful, fulfilled life.
  • Your Passion Score – How closely is your current life aligned with your passions? Your Passion Score will tell you.
  • Your Passion Cards – and the one Secret which will guarantee you live a passionate life.
  • Your Markers – How do you know when you are really living your passions? Your Markers will tell you.
  • Your Passion Pages – What is life like when you’re living your passions fully?
  • 7 Key Principles for Living a Passionate, Fulfilled Life

2.) A 5 ½ Hour Workshop (New Dates to be Announced) = $179 + GST

Includes workbook and all workshop materials

After completing the Passion Test workshop you will have:

  • All of the above plus:
  • A copy of the Passion Test book by Chris & Janet Attwood
  • Your Vision Board – Allowing the Dream to Come Alive

3.) You organize your own private group workshop (3-5 ½ Hours).

Gather your friends and family together to have some fun and figure what is most important in your lives. What you will leave with will depend on the length of time you choose for your group workshop.

Call or email Selena to get a quote for your group.

Comments from previous participants

“I found this to be a valuable tool for me to gain clarity as to what is important to me. It is simple enough to be integrated into my life and the structures are very workable.”

Marilyn Feddersen

“This was a great supplement to my on-going life journey. These tools will enable me to determine and achieve my passions, not only once, but as living tools that I employ over and over.”

Susan Beierling

“As usual, to be gathered with like minds is so wonderful. And to be given this experience was enlightening!! I love the exercise!! Your leadership was awesome.”
Sylvie Mafrica

“It is a wonderful tool. I got clarity and confirmation. While this may seem simple, it is profound. We all need to connect with our passion. Thank you so much.”

Myreene Tobin

“The Passion Test was a great exercise in gaining clarity on what is truly important to me. I was surprised by my top 5 and the time and attention (or lack thereof) I have been giving them. Selena is an engaging & energetic workshop leader. Thank you!”

Connie MacKinnon

“Excellent process to clarify my true passions. Simple, easy to follow process. Great interaction with others.”

Marlene Cameron

“It was great. A really concrete and productive method to get in touch with what’s really important. Making the choices was much harder than I thought it would be and it proved how important following the steps are.”

Suzanne Jackett

“Fun and I got one awareness in particular that was HUGE for me in scoring my passions.”

Karen Perry

“Thanks for this fun process. You’ve given me a new sense of clarity.”

Rona Fluney